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IMain Cast & Crew 


Assistant Director/ 1st Cameraman/Actor 


Michael James Parks is a Caucasian mixed Indian whose struggles with ADHD didn’t stop him from running two YouTube Channels and creating 26 YouTube videos. In a true no-budget, guerrilla filmmaking style, he wrote, directed, acted, and edited most of his short films. He has also done some voice over works for some projects. One of his short films, Shave. has won Outstanding Achievement Award for The World Film Carnival - Singapore during Jan 2021 - Feb 2021. 

Assistant Producer/Lead actress/ Disability Advisor


Reena Deen’s (Zareena Nazimudeen) foray into scripts and films began in 2021 with a scriptwriting course at the Singapore Media Academy. Reena is an author represented by Erin Murphy literary agency in the United States. Her foray into scripts and films began in 2021 with a scriptwriting course at the Singapore Media Academy. She has made three short films and The Damned Ones is her first feature film. Coming from a marginalized background(minority) and struggling with her own disabilities (dyslexia & cptsd), her books and films often revolve around complicated gray characters with various disabilities. 


Film links: 

Assistant Disability Advisor / Lead Actress

Sound Mixer

Jane Yee, an audiophile is in love with all forms of music and sound. She likes listening to sound and often wonders how they work, how it is recorded and how can sound transcend the analogue world and touch the soul of anyone listening to it. She is the sound recordist for this film and could possibly contribute to the composition. She is a shy person, but do not hesitate to talk to her because even though she has a permanent air of disregard on her face, deep down she still wants to connect. And also she should also probably stop talking about herself in 3rd person. 

Sound Mixer

Zi Tao Chua is a Singaporean composer and pianist. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Composition at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in the National University of Singapore under the tutelage of Peter Ivan Edwards and Chen Zhangyi. As a composer, Chua explores his musical identity through the balance between science and culture. Chua has also been involved with inter-disciplinary collaborations, notably with Runaway Co., a Singapore non-profit youth-led theatre group, and also Exuviation (2021), a dance piece written for Singaporean choreographer Dan Kwoh. Chua has also demonstrated his flair as a pianist in the Inter-Junior College Vivace Piano Ensemble Competition, achieving Gold with Commendation in 2016 and 2017, and in the Kingsburg International Piano Competition, as one of the six finalists in 2018. 


Francesco Passanisi hails from Torino, Italy. After being in the music business for more than ten years as a session guitar player, he started composing music for media, production music.. He is not just a composer. He is a storyteller. He uses music as a language to communicate with his listeners, to make them feel, think, and dream. He is a composer of dreams. He is best known for Stalker: The Curse of the Zone (2019) and The Thracian Curse (2022).


Dayyah is a broadcast media production graduate from Management Development Institute of Singapore and has a keen interest in video production. She has over five years of experience working as an assistant producer and video editor She hopes to direct her own feature film one day. 

Lead Actress

 Mila is a full-time processional actress and model who graduated from the Lasalle college of the arts. She is a staunch supporter of PWDs (people with disabilities) and volunteered her time to support this project despite her busy schedule, She adopts the Lee Strasberg’s method acting for her films. An avid rock climber and artist, she is a passionate actress who spends her time shuttling between Singapore and various countries for her acting and modelling projects. She has till dated acted in more than 20 film projects.


A budding actress who is fluent in English & French, Mai Youa has acted in a number of short films like Pass, Breathing, Shattered Heart, Cling, Closure and Just Hold On. She won a Best Performance award in 2023 at the World Monologue Film Festival (Sydney). She has also worked on ads including U.O.B painting of the year short film and a City Bank Commercial


Mustafa Ali Khan is a versatile actor who has acted in both films and stage productions.  In 2023, he acted in Measure for Measure, a play by Stage Club, Singapore’s longest running English language theatre. A member of Kino Red Dot, a film NGO, in Singapore, he often volunteers his time and energy for various film projects because of his love and passion for filmmaking. 


Elaine's recent performances include roles in “The Lighthouse”, which won the outstanding film award at Tagore International Film Festival, and “Such Is Life” which won the Silver Prize at Viddsee Juree Awards Singapore 2018.  She was a Resident Artist in Pink Gajah Lab and a resident artist at the Art Continuum Residency in Kho Phanghan, Thailand. Prior to acting, Elaine was a freelance model and pageant contestant and was a finalist in the Miss Malaysia World competition. 


Yuri began her first time acting as a zombie for a student film in December 2021. She then played a big part in the short film: "Shattered heart", directed by Alexandre Fernandez in May 2023. She was also cast for an advertisement for an UOB art festival project. Currently, she is pursuing a children's art’s course at Nafa University. 

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