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Why I Made This Film

It's tough to break into the film industry If you're a minority or you have a disability. I decided that instead of waiting for someone to give me a chance to write a script or to direct a film or to even act, I rather create my own opportunity.


I gathered others who are like me who might be struggling to break into the film industry for various reasons and  decided to make this film.

I wanted to make a film with PWDs(people with disabilities) playing disabled characters for an honest and authentic portrayal. I also didn't want the story to center around their disabilities. In this film, the characters are just regular folks. Their disability isn't a superpower or a gift that can magically save the day. And their whole life and personality is not about about being disabled. 

Our team made a 3min docu-drama about how we came together to make The Damned Ones for the IAMinVISIBLE short film festival. Here's the link.

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